Blue Cave
Sup Tour

Most attractive cave along the Lustica peninsula.

Paddle to Discover
Meditation, relaxation, sup yoga and outstanding photo opportunities along the way.

Blue Cave Tour

The result of waves crashing against limestone rocks for thousands of years, mother nature created a magnificent jewel; the spectacular Blue Cave, or as it is locally known, Plava Spilja.

The Cave has two small entrances and a surface area of around 300 m2. The sun rays enter the cave and reflect off the sea surface and the sandy seafloor creating every shade of blue you can imagine.

The tour starts at Veslo cove, and from here we paddle directly to the Blue Cave. On return we stop at numerous secluded caves and beaches that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. For the best experience, we suggest starting as early as possible- 7am or 8am. With an early start, we can ensure privacy and the opportunity to enjoy the Blue Cave in its full glory.

Our Blue Cave tour is one of our most exciting tours!

Tour details:

  • Starting point: Rt.Veslo
  • Starting time: for the best experience we suggest 08:00 am or earlier
  • Duration: half day ( 4 hours ).
  • Activity level: Easy to moderate
  • Equipment included is paddle board, paddle, lifejacket, dry bag and leash.
  • What you need to bring is: Swim wear (for paddling), Clothes + flip-flops, Small towel, UV protection (hat, shirt, sunscreen, lip balm),Money, Water bottle.

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